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        Rats and Mice

        The first signs you may start to suspect you have Rats or Mice in your property could be chewed objects such as electric cabling, food packaging or roof joists. You may also find droppings scattered around and potentially lots of them !. You may also hear scratching or scurrying under floors, in ceiling voids or in wall cavities.

        There is a big difference between the size of rat and mouse droppings. Mouse droppings are around 3-6mm long (slightly smaller than a grain of rice). Rat droppings are around 20mm long (around the same size as a raisin).

        As well as gnawing of objects in the property that can cause failure of electrical equipment and even house fires rats and mice pose a serious risk to our health through the many diseases and germs they carry, Leptospirosis, e-coli and salmonella to name a few.

        Rats and mice can enter your property through seemingly impossible places sometimes. Mice can get through holes around the same diameter as a biro pen and both can climb extremely well.

        If you are seeing any of the above signs do not delay in calling me so I can arrange to visit to solve your issue for you as quickly as possible.

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