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        Pest Bird Species

        All birds and their eggs are protected by law under the wildlife and countryside act, however certain licences are issued to control birds that are causing a risk to health and safety or damage to agriculture.

        Feral Pigeons and certain species of gulls are deemed as pests as their droppings can infect us with diseases such Ornithosis (pigeon fanciers lung), E-coli and Salmonella to name a few.

        Pigeon and gull droppings are also acidic and they will literally eat away at buildings over time. The droppings can also build up in gutterings causing the gutters to overflow when it rains. This over flow can be full of the harmful bacteria absorbed from the droppings.

        At Quick Pest Management we will always try all non lethal methods of control before considering the culling of any pest birds, with bird control prevention is better than the cure.

        If you are experiencing any issues from pest birds please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an immediate solution to your problem.

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