"Protecting you and your environment"

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        Flies : ​ Flies in your premises can be a real nuisance. The risk they present to our health is well documented. They can carry a variety of bacteria such as salmonella and E-coli which can be passed onto ourselves through their movement and feeding habits. To help determine which species of fly you have issues with and to get them eradicated quickly please contact me.

        Bed bugs : ​ One of the first times that people may start to suspect Bed Bugs are present is when they find tiny red itchy bite marks on themselves. The bugs are hard to spot as they are nocturnal and hide away in cracks and crevices during the day. The treatment for bed bugs can be a complicated process, should you suspect they are present in your environment please contact me immediately.

        Carpet Beetle : ​ These insects are incredibly small but are visible with the naked eye, however it isn't the adult beetle that causes the damage. It is the larval form of the beetle that feeds on natural products in the home such as wool, silk, leather or feathers such as found in pillows. The larvae are also covered in tiny bristles which can irritate skin. The adult beetle feeds on pollen but the presence of adult beetles in your property usually indicates that the eggs and larvae are also present.

        Cockroaches : ​ Can breed at an alarming rate and will eat just about anything. They can carry a number of very serious and harmful diseases. Their droppings have also been linked to respiratory and skin problems too. Due to their rapid breeding rate and the risk they pose to our health its extremely important that you contact me immediately you suspect this pest in your premises so that a plane of action can be implemented promptly for you.